Old School Advertising

I think there’s something that needs to be said about online advertising versus old school advertising. There seems to still be an added personal touch with receiving a companies brochure along with a business card in the mail. I know that when I get mail in the traditional mailbox, I look it over and decide what I’m going to keep or throw away. When I receive a business card along with my mail, I file it away for safe, possible future use.

I can’t say the same for these emails that I regularly get. I usually don’t even open the email to read what they have to say. They either go straight in to the trash folder or if I’ve seen an email from this source before, I send it to the “Spam” folder, never to be bothered by it again. Is this wrong? I don’t know, but I feel that I don’t have the time to read everything I get these days. It just seems too easy to send people emails by bulk and it has lost that personal touch that I used to get before the explosion of computers and the internet.

The days when people used to knock door to door to sell their products are over, I’m afraid. Back then, if we didn’t want to be bothered, we just didn’t answer the door. Today, we’re bombarded by emails, spam, pop up ads…they’re everywhere!

This leads me to my predicament. I’m a small business owner of a new company that’s trying to get noticed in this highly technical world we now live in. I have to admit, it’s a bit of a struggle keeping up with the changes with websites, SEO tools, search engine visualization tools, all the different search engines and there is more of them that you can imagine, yada yada yada. The list seems to be never ending. I’ve had a website published, email set up, placed a couple ads on facebook, set up “Google My Business”, “Bing My Business”, AdWords, AdWords Express, LinkedIn, and I’m learning that I’m just scratching the surface! Oh, and then there’s the fee’s involved with each of them. I’m finding out how much it costs to advertise online and it’s shocking. There just doesn’t seem to be a limit to what you can pay or what they will charge.

So far my return from my online advertising hasn’t been too successful. It’s a bit of a disappointment considering how much money and time I’ve spent so far. All the time filling out all the “required” information in order to place an ad or to set up a profile, just to be passed over or to not be called for your services, but I’ve not given up! I’ve also sent out, by snail mail, some “Old School” flyers and have actually received some work from them. It’s exciting to find out that the old methods still work.
How you do your advertising is a big decision and one needs to look at all the different ways to effectively get your products or services noticed. I’m learning that I have to keep up with the times and attempt to compete in the ever evolving advertising world if I want my business to become a success. I do have to say that there still is something about holding that business card you receive in the mail though, isn’t there?

Darryl Bilobrowka

Owner/President/Appraiser at DB Appraisals Ltd

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