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What Is An Online Appraisal

There appears to be a lot of questions and concerns regarding an Online Appraisal, also known as a Desktop Appraisal or Non-Inspected Appraisal. Are they legitimate, recognized by a Court of Law, by insurance companies, banks and lenders? Well, the list can go on and on! The simple answer is, Yes. An Online Appraisal is in every way just as legal as on On-site Appraisal and is considered a Certified Appraisal. By definition, it is a professional opinion of value based on information supplied to the appraiser and evaluated without the benefit of viewing the assets.


The main difference between an Online Appraisal and an On-site Appraisal is the client supplies the Appraiser with all the information, including maintenance reports, service logs and pictures needed to complete the appraisal. This is what the appraiser will gather during the inspection or viewing of the assets on an On-site Appraisal anyways. Another difference is that an Online Appraisal costs substantially less as there is no travel expenses or inspection time added to the price.
Another benefit of having an Online Appraisal is that you don’t need to wait for an appraiser to find the time for the inspection or viewing of your assets. This usually speeds up the appraisal process and allows the appraiser to deliver the appraisal report sooner. This is great if time is an issue.

What If The Item Was Destroyed or Stolen

Sometimes an Online Appraisal is the only way to get it done. This is true if the asset is lost due to a disaster or theft, or if the item is in a remote area, or just not accessible. It can be done for 1 item or multiple assets, for personal or business use, there are no restrictions.
Once the certified appraiser has the information, necessary documents and pictures of the assets, they are reviewed and given a value. The Appraiser then writes a report that describes the findings. It is stated inside the report that it was completed using the online appraisal or desktop appraisal method. During the whole process, there is usually communication between the appraiser and the client regarding some extra documentation or just some clarification regarding some features of the items. This is normal even with On-site Appraisals. Every effort must be taken in order to provide the most accurate appraisal possible.
We at DBAppraisals Ltd take pride in providing high quality, accurate appraisals at low prices. We preform Online or Desktop Appraisals often and have great success with them. They are also becoming more and more popular as peoples time seem to becoming more and more occupied.

We Will Give You The Right Appraisal

Whether you want an On-site Appraisal or an Online Appraisal, DB Appraisals Ltd is willing to discuss the process with you before, during and even after the appraisal is completed, if there are still questions remaining. We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience with DB Appraisals Ltd.


Please get a hold of us to discuss your needs for an appraisal and we will give you a quote for our services along with a time frame as to when we can deliver your report. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.
Darryl Bilobrowka, CPPA
Owner/President/Appraiser at DB Appraisals Ltd

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