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Now you can Apprais-All® your treasures with this one, easy-to-use, appraisal app. It doesn’t matter what it is, with the exception of buildings and land, this app will do the job for you. There is no need to download multiple apps because you have different items you want to know the value of. Also, your valuation is completed by a certified appraiser and not a computer program. This is important because your valuation will be done with your location and current market conditions in consideration.

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Where do I get the Apprais-All® App and how does it work.

The app is a free download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Once the app is downloaded, there is a brief registration process. This is necessary so you won’t have to re-enter your information for each request. Also, so the appraiser knows your location and local market conditions, which are important in giving an accurate value for your items. Now you’re ready to make a request. Decide how many different items you want appraised. For example, 2 identical lamps are considered 1 item, a set of 4 dinner chairs are considered 1 item as long as they are the same. From the next screen, you can choose a category that applies to your item and attach pictures from your gallery or take them with your smart device and attach them to the request. A standard form needs to be completed next. This will give the appraiser the information needed to start the valuation.


How much does it cost.

The most you will pay is $30 per item when choosing 1 item. When choosing more than 1 item, the cost per item goes down. For example, when choosing 10 items, the cost per item is only $17. A real cost savings! This App and service does not give you an appraisal report. The purpose of this type of valuation is for people who want to know what something is worth and not for insurance or legal purposes. Once you find out that what you have is valuable, you may decide to have it insured. In this situation, there is an option in the app where you can request a legal report. Additional charges will apply but you will get a credit for what you spend on the app towards the full appraisal cost.

What if I need to give more information or pictures of my item.

Once payment is received through the app, you will have access to a chat program within the app. You will be in contact with the actual appraiser that is appraising your items. The appraiser may request more information from you or ask you for more details regarding your items, even more pictures. This will all be done within the app so you won’t have to go back and forth to your email. Once the appraiser is finished with your valuation, you will get the reply in the app as well. This makes it easy to monitor the progress and keep in touch with your appraiser.

This Apprais-All App is the only app that allows you to get almost any item appraised. Remember, as long as it isn’t buildings or land, we will appraise it! The Apprais-All App is a free download on Google Play and Apple App Stores. Click on the link to download today!

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