Many of us don’t have an idea that if our vehicle gets involved in any kind of mis-happening like accidents, then the commercial vehicle is eligible for the repair cost people don’t realize that if their vehicle was involved in an accident or mishap, they are eligible for not only the cost of repairs but also for diminished value.

Wondering about whom to choose for Commercial vehicle appraiser? Here is the best suit!

‘DB Appraisals Ltd’ deals with all kind of appraisals like art, equipment, automobile and commercial vehicle appraisals, antique appraisals. The DB Appraisals only hires the appraisers who have CPPA designation. Take a glance at their specialties;

Commercial Vehicle Appraiser:

The DB Appraisals Limited will examine your vehicle using their checklist and do the required search.DB appraisals limited gives values to vehicles and provide mediator services for insurance settlement services.

There will be no charge for the service if they didn’t value the vehicle higher than the settlement offer. DB Appraisals will fight on behalf of you to get the highest settlement possible through available mediation services.

The appraisers look into the condition, options, features, customization, the current selling price of the commercial vehicle etc. will be considered in the Appraisal. They will appraise many kinds of vehicles like passenger vehicles, collector cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, holiday trailers, semi-trucks, cube vans, flat deck trucks, cement trucks, maintenance and service trucks. Few things which affect commercial vehicle appraisals including age and condition, making and model, size of engine and type of transmission, body style and paint, special features, chips, scratches, rust etc., tires & rims, defects and damages, marketing conditions etc.

Auto Accident Appraiser:

This is the appraisal which was provided for vehicles when the accident occurs. In general insurance of vehicles is calculated by the average asking price of three vehicles which are for sale or sold in the particular area. This may sound exactly as accurate valuation. The comparison of vehicles is the common thing which happens before deciding on the average.

The condition & mileage of the vehicle between three vehicles are compared. By this way, insurance adjusters come to the base value of the vehicle.

There is a program named Autosource which helps in calculating the base value of the asset without considering the condition of it. Only physical and operating conditions of the asset are considered. If the shape of the vehicle is excellent and the condition was poor then Autosource program can give lower value due to the poor condition.In this case, the insurance adjuster will then make adjustments considering mileage, modifications, special features of the vehicle.

When it is Auto Accident Appraiser, the DB Appraisals Ltd is believed to be the most reliable point of contact.

Appraisals provided by ‘DB Appraisals Ltd’ are recognized by all the leading insurance companies, financial and lending institutions, accountants and in the court of law.

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