A personal property appraiser plays a crucial role in many phases of your life. When you are buying a new home or selling your existing property, they can give you an objective opinion of what can be worth of your property. Similarly, when you plan to renovate your property, they advise you on wisely allocating your money to get maximum return on the investment. Hiring a personal property appraiser can save you ten of thousand dollars by helping you in taking right decision. However, it is important to choose an appraiser wisely and here are some tips to consider for choosing a personal property appraiser:

  • Your chosen appraiser must have expertise in your market area. There are some appraiser that specialize in single countries, while other specialize in more than one country. It is advisable to consider the local certified appraiser as they have more first-hand knowledge of the area.


  • The more the experience, the more you can rely on their appraisals. The appraisal should have at least five to ten years’ experience to produce a competent appraiser.


  • A personal property appraiser should have training and education in the field of appraisal


  • One can obtain a list of local appraisers from Yellow Pages, Chamber of Commerce, Association of Realtors, and Internet


  • Before hiring any appraiser, one must gather references by asking a real estate lender, attorney, or accountant as it is a good place to start.


  • One must interview the appraiser to get familiar with them. It is prudent to select only certified appraiser. A certified appraiser is qualified to produce reputable home valuations that banks and lending institutions need for home loans.


  • The fee charged by personal property appraisers vary from one to another individual, firm and city. One must be aware of prices usually charged by appraisers in the industry. However, price should not be sole criteria and one must consider other factors for selecting a professional appraiser like expertise, certification, license, experience, skills etc.

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