Looking for an appraisal for your manufacturing equipment? But don’t know the qualities that he/she must have? Here is a quick guide to let to know what the things to consider are while choosing a qualified equipment appraiser. Have a look:

  • Look for Professional Accreditation:
  • Look for Experience:
  • Reputation:

Let us discuss them in detail:

Look for Professional Accreditation: take your time and research well to figure out if the person is accredited by a Canadian Appraisers Society or Group. Always remember, it pays to research any professional associations. So, having knowledge doesn’t mean that the person is a qualified equipment appraiser.

Look for Experience: no matter which category it is, whether it is construction, food processing, manufacturing, transportation, or any other. Always work with an equipment appraiser who has experience in any of the particular categories.

Reputation: are you sure enough that your equipment appraiser is an expert? Is he/she well known in the appraisal community? Has anyone in the industry recommended his/ her work? If you got satisfactory answers to above these questions, then only continue with that person.

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