If you are looking for a certified appraiser, whether it be an automobile, equipment or a boat appraiser, and you are based in Canada, then DB Appraisals Limited is the spot to go. A complete, full service equipment appraisal company, with service extending to British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, DB Appraisals are sure to give you solutions to all your personal property valuation problems.

They carefully analyse your situation, and recommend one of two basic types of appraisals-

  1. On-site appraisal, which requires on-site inspection and is usually done for lawyers, business owners and the like.
  2. A desktop appraisal, which is based on information and pictures given to the supplier. It is also known as a non-inspected appraisal.

Their trademark service, the Apprais-All, is ideal for people who just want to know what their belongings are worth. Starting at 30 dollars exclusive of taxes for the first item, this really presents a cost-saving option as opposed to full service appraisals which may cost up to 200 dollars. This service extends across North America, and is not just confined to the British Columbia and Alberta regions.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable certified appraiser and any other appraisal services, “DB Appraisals Ltd” is the one place to be. They are into this business for years and have served many reputed organizations.

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