If you are finding boat appraiser company who tells you the exact market value of boats. Then your termination ends here, DB Appraisals Ltd delivers the best services in famous city Canada. Our Company helps the clients to gets the fair value of the property that they actually deserve & prevents from any kind of losses. You can contact our company no matter whether you want to buy or sell the boat. If you are based in Canada and searching for online appraisals certified company then you can contact DB appraisals Limited to buy or sale of automobiles, equipment or a boat appraiser. We have maintained a long term relationship with clients by offering complete full service that extends to British Columbia, Alberta, Canada. Our team also gives extraordinary solutions to clients & offers better deals for their profits.

  • DB appraisals Ltd is a fair and unbiased estimate of what an estate or a house with property. Our appraisal agents provide an accurate estimate of properties’ values because they need to substantiate their reports with evidence (photos of the property) and the consequences of issuing deliberately misleading or biased reports can lead to the termination of their license.
  • Our Company adopts the sales comparison method. In this method, the cost of properties with similar dimensions and utilities is taken into consideration and the appraiser gives an appraisal value to the property which is the least among the appraisal value of similar properties. This approach is based on the mentality that any buyer will be looking to satisfy his or her requirements at the least cost possible.


DB appraisals Ltd believes in collect facts and statistics of the client’s property. Compare it with the appraisal values of similar properties and then give the final estimate of the property. Efficient appraiser team of our company using sale comparison method has to have sharp analytical skills and excellent communication skills to convey his understanding to the client.

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