It’s true, having house washing and roof demossing services on your home can increase the appraised value of your home, allowing you to sell it for a higher price.

By having your house washed and the roof moss removal preformed on your home before you list it will give it the curb appeal it needs to attract more potential buyers. By having more potential buyers, you can ask for a higher price and get it!

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd in Nanaimo, BC is a company that can get it all done for you, from House Washing, Roof Moss Removal or demossing to Concrete Cleaning. They are the largest exterior cleaning company in the Nanaimo area and take your business seriously. This is a company that is licensed, fully insured and who carry WCB coverage for their employees. All their documents are available to be viewed, downloaded and printed so you can keep them in your records.

Don’t get fooled by hiring a company that doesn’t have any insurance or WCB coverage for their employees. If anything ever happened on your property, you would be 100% liable for the workers and try getting compensation from someone who disappears after the job is done, for any damages to your property. Remember, you get what you pay for!

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd offers free estimates and guarantees all their work. They clean roofs, siding, gutters, concrete, decks, railings, fences and practically anything on the exterior of your home. Give them a call and book your free estimate or visit to see details of all their services.

D & D Clean Exteriors Ltd

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