What DB Appraisals Ltd Is All About.

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This page will tell you more about DB Appraisals Ltd and the services that we offer. DB Appraisals Ltd is committed to providing high-quality services to our customers. DB Appraisals Ltd participates in a number of initiatives to constantly develop our industry. The result of this is better service for you.

We are a Full Service Appraisal and Apprais-All®Valuation Service Company for Personal Property. A short interview will help decide if you need the Full Service Appraisal or our Apprais-All® Service. It’s about providing you the correct service for your situation.

Our certified appraisers come from a wide range of backgrounds. This allows us to give you the best service from our different areas of experience. That’s how we can give you a high quality, accurate appraisal at a low price. We offer free consultations as well, so don’t hesitate to call for our help. Our service area extends throughout Canada for our Full Service Appraisals, online appraisals, as well as our Apprais-All®Valuation Services.

We can determine whether an online or desktop appraisal is best for your situation. This decision will save you money.

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Depending on your situation, we will provide you with 1 of the 2 basic types of appraisals.

On-Site Appraisal

  • An on-site appraisal requires an on-site inspection and is typically used for lenders, lawyers, accountants, and business owners.

Desktop or Online Appraisal

  • A desktop appraisal is a professional opinion of value based on information and pictures supplied to the appraiser. Therefore, it is evaluated without the benefit of viewing the assets. Hence, a desktop appraisal is also known as a “non-inspected” appraisal.

As a result, desktop appraisals are preformed when the item is not accessible or able to be viewed. Both of these methods are known to be “Certified Appraisals”.

DB Appraisals Ltd works along side of business brokers and business valuators. Our appraisers are professional, experienced, honest, and trustworthy. We are members in good standing with CPPAG (Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group). Our appraisals are recognized by insurance companies, financial and lending institutions, lawyers, accountants, and in a Court of Law.

We abide by the quality control standards and ethics of USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act). To find more about our standards, click on our Confidentiality and Code of Ethics page.

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