Appraisal Services in British Columbia and Alberta

DB Appraisals Ltd offers many services within our Full Service Appraisals, including on-site and desktop appraisals. Click on these links to get easy access to our many services like Equipment Appraisals, Car and Truck Appraisals, Antique Appraisals and Estate Appraisals. Our appraisers can appraise a number of types of equipment like restaurant equipment, heavy equipment, office equipment etc. We also appraise classic cars, trucks and motorcycles, commercial vehicles including semi trucks and trailers, taxi’s and buses. Our experience extends to many different types of antiques like furniture, collectibles, equipment, art etc.

Another service we offer is our Signature, Apprais-All® Valuation Services. We can discuss your options to determine which type is best for you.

The cost for our Full Service Appraisals depend on what the item is and how many are to be appraised. Typically, full service appraisals are only needed when an appraisal report is needed. Sometimes, a report may be needed to be submitted to either a financial institutions, lawyers, business valuators, CRA or insurance company’s.

More About Our Apprais-All® Services

Our Apprais-All® service is needed for people who just want to know what something is worth. Our fee for this service starts at $30 + tax for the first item. This type of service does not include a written, appraisal report, or many details of the asset. Just the appraised value with a brief description, and can be available for you in 1-3 business day. All Apprais-All® Valuations are desktop or online appraisals. A full service appraisal can cost as much as $200. So, this really is a cost savings option.

In addition, DB Appraisals Ltd also offers mediation services for insurance settlement claims.

We work along side of business brokers and valuators to give value to all your business assets. We also give value to all types of equipment and machines, automobiles and commercial vehicles, antiques and estates.

Our service area stretches across British Columbia and Alberta for our Full Service Appraisal, with local appraisers in many areas. Our Apprais-All® Service extends across North America.

DB Appraisals Ltd abides by the quality control standards and ethics of USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) as well as PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act). To find more about our standards, click on our Confidentiality and Code of Ethics page in the menu above.

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